Friday 23 November 2012

Why do I blog?

This post has been inspired by a Blog Hop hosted by Dilly Tante, a thought-provoking blogger who I greatly admire. Dilly has posed some questions for us bloggers to think about, and I found them so interesting that I wanted to take part. Here are my answers:

Why do you blog?
I first started my blog as an on-line diary and a place to share photographs and anecdotes about my children with the rest of the family. I now also like sharing things that I've made, either myself or with the children, writing about places that we've visited, and adding my musings on parenting.

What do you get from it?
I like the validation that I'm not alone in feeling or acting a certain way. I like thinking that I've inspired someone to do something, even if all they have done is pinned a project! I've also discovered many wonderful blogs out there that inspire me, sometimes through words and sometimes through pictures. I have done many things with the children that I wouldn't have even thought of if I hadn't come across them on a blog somewhere. I've also discovered that there are so many people out there who are exactly like me and dealing with the same issues - sometimes people are much more honest online than in reality. For example, I know from my early morning Twitter feed that I'm not the only one that has had children up all through the night!

Is it trivial and is that ok sometimes?
Yes, it is trivial and to me that is absolutely fine. I'm not being paid to write, it's not my job, so it is up to people whether they want to read or not.

Why should people be interested in what you write?
People don't have to be interested in what I write. If they are then that's great, but the wonderful thing about people is that everyone is different and we all have different interests.

Do you care if they are not?
I hope that people are interested, but if they weren't then they wouldn't read my blog and so that's fine. I don't mind if reading my blog isn't for everyone.

If you blog just for you why do it publically?
I don't blog just for me, and I think that must be true for most bloggers. As an absolute minimum I hope that my close family read it! If I really wanted to write just for me then I would password protect it.

What value do you think you are adding to the world by blogging?
I think that I have some ideas that are worth sharing. I enjoy reading other blogs similar to mine, and so I hope that some people enjoy reading my blog and seeing a little window into my world.

Do you feel defensive about blogging?
Sometimes I do, and I don't often mention it to real-life friends. I'm not sure why, perhaps I worry that it seems a bit sad or a waste of time. But before I started blogging I was quite capable of wasting time on the internet, now at least I have something to show for it!

Make sure that you visit the Blog Hop post here and see what Dilly and other bloggers have to say, or you can view the linked up posts below. If you are a blogger, why not take part too, I'd love to read your answers! Or please do share your thoughts in the comments below.

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