Sunday, 12 April 2015

Review - Colouring for Adults - The One and Only Colouring Book Series

Colouring books for adults are very popular at the moment. I blogged recently about my first foray into the world of adult colouring, and recently I was asked to try out some colouring books from a new Dutch series which will be available in the UK from next month.

Colouring books for adults review

The One and Only Colouring Book series is aimed at adults and older children. I've been looking at two books in the series - The One and Only Colouring Book for Grown-Up Children and The One And Only Colouring Book For Adults.

Both books are quite similar, and contain a good mix of different designs. There are geometrical and repeating patterns alongside more fluid designs. Some pages have a natural theme, some are more abstract. There are also some lovely pages inspired by different architecture, with designs that range from very simple to beautifully complex. Each book has so many pages that it's really easy to flip through and find something that inspires you and matches your mood.

Some of the designs are really simple, like this repeating heart pattern, great for when you're after something simple to keep you busy and not requiring too much concentration.

Colouring for adults

Other pages are based around easily recognisable images, like these fish and other sea creatures which make up a lovely underwater scene. I also liked the pages with popular motifs such as cupcakes and owls.

Colouring for grown ups

All the designs encourage you to think about the colour scheme that you want to use, and whether you want to stick to a limited palette or go wild with different colours. My only problem was deciding where to start! The first design that I chose was a simple one, and reminded me of gemstones and feathers.

Half coloured colouring page

I've been using felt tip pens to colour with and they are colouring smoothly, the pages of the book are nice and thick. The designs have bold lines which makes them easy to colour neatly. The pages aren't designed to be removed from the book once completed (although you could if you wanted to without any trouble) but I can't wait to flip through the book once I've finished a few pages and see it come to life!

Completed colouring page

There are five titles in the series, due to hit UK bookshops in May 2015. They are The One and Only Colouring Book for Adults (£8.99), The Second One and Only Colouring Book for Adults (£8.99), The One and Only Colouring Book for Grown-Up Children (£7.99), The One and Only Mandala Colouring Book (£9.99) and The One and Only Colouring Book for Travelling Adults (£8.49).

I received two titles in the series for the purpose of this review. The pages in this post are all from The One and Only Colouring Book for Grown Up Children. Post contains Amazon affiliate links.

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