Thursday 30 April 2015

How I would spend a spare £100

The TSB Plus Account has just turned one year old, and because the maximum interest that you can earn in a year from this account is £100 (5% AER on up to £2000), I've been asked to think about what I would do with a spare £100. I'm not very good at spending extra money that I receive on myself, it usually just ends up in the joint bank account or goes towards the mortgage. It would be lovely to have some money that I could spend on something that's not normally in the budget.

My thoughts turned immediately towards our summerhouse. I blogged recently about some of my plans for the space without really spending anything, but the truth is that with a little bit of money I think that I could make it a really lovely feature of the garden. Here it is at the moment, it's in fairly good shape but it does need sprucing up a bit:

Old summer house in the garden

Many ideas are way out of my budget, but there are a few elements that I think I could incorporate. I'd probably spend a good chunk of the money on some paint, or at least some kind of protective sealant for the walls and decking area to make it look a little smarter. The old pots that are outside could really do with updating, I'd love to have some bright, colourful planters filled with flowers in all different colours. I think it could also do with some outdoor decoration, in particular I'm thinking some bunting strung up across the front, bird feeders and perhaps a windchime.

Butterfly mobile

Inside it is already looking quite colourful, but what it really needs are some soft furnishings to make it a little more cosy. I'd buy some pretty gingham fabric to make little curtains for the windows, and maybe a matching cushion for an armchair. Talking of furniture, a little bookcase would be lovely, along with some sort of small table to hold a drink and some snacks.

The floor is currently covered with an offcut of carpet, but I'd love to have some decent flooring in there, and maybe a pretty mat or a rug. Or perhaps even some artificial grass, for when it's too wet to sit on the grass outside!

Wouldn't it be lovely if I really could dedicate £100 to my project! It's definitely worth saving up so that you can reap rewards over time, just like the other things that improve with time:

Things that improve with time infographic

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