Friday 24 April 2015

Review - Disney Cinderella Junior ReadyBed

For the last couple of weeks, Mia has been reviewing the Disney Cinderella Junior ReadyBed, an all in one sleeping bag and bed for young children.

Review - Cinderella ReadyBed for young children

I can't quite describe just how thrilled Mia was when she opened the box. Like many little girls she adores the Disney princesses, and she loves sleepovers, whether in Harry's room or when we visit family. She also has a slight obsession with tucking her dollies and teddies up in bed, and we have a huge collection of little blankets and pillows for them scattered throughout the house. 

Review - Cinderella ReadyBed for young children

When we explained to her that this ReadyBed was her own little bed that she could take anywhere with her, she was so excited and couldn't wait to pump it up and organise a sleepover in Harry's room that night. Throughout the afternoon she was having a lovely time reading her dolly a story and tucking her up in the bed, and when bedtime came she jumped straight in and went to bed with a great deal less of the usual fuss!

Review - Cinderella ReadyBed for young children

The ReadyBed has its own little pump, which is very handy and fits neatly inside the bag when packed away. It only takes a few minutes to blow up the bed. The bed comes with a built in pillow which seemed pretty comfortable although Mia did like using her own pillow with the bed. The entire bed folds away neatly into the integrated carry case, and the built in cover can be easily removed for washing, very important for those younger toddlers that can't quite be trusted overnight!

Review - Cinderella ReadyBed for young children

I know that we are going to find the ReadyBed very useful when we go visiting family overnight. We'll be spending a night at my Mum's this weekend, and Mia is adamant that she's going to be sleeping in her 'Princess bed'. It doesn't take up too much space to pack, or too much room on the floor once it's out. I'm also thinking that it's going to be useful for her if we manage to spend a night or two in a tent in the garden this summer. The cover is a little thin, so it would probably need an extra blanket if it was going to be used outdoors in a tent.

I can see that over the school holidays the ReadyBed is going to become a permanent fixture in Harry's room, as both children love having 'sleepovers'! Mia's sleepover in Harry's room was very successful and she had a lovely night's sleep all tucked up with her teddies. When she's a bit bigger and perhaps having a sleepover by herself at a friend's house, it will be a nice familiar bed that she can take along with her.

Review - Cinderella ReadyBed for young children

The ReadyBed Junior is suitable for children aged 3+, and I can see that Mia will definitely still be using it in a few years time - Harry at 6 easily fits in. The Disney Cinderella Junior ReadyBed is new for 2015 along with a Star Wars Junior ReadyBed, and additionally there are lots of other ReadyBeds available featuring different characters and designs, as well as different sizes to suit children of all ages.

The Cinderella Junior ReadyBed has an RRP of £29.99 and is available at Tesco Direct and Asda. We received a ReadyBed in exchange for this review. Amazon link is affiliate.

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  1. Isn't it so sweet how excited the kids can get over a character sleeping bag. Looks like your daughter really enjoyed this one.


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