Wednesday 15 April 2015

Unfinished craft projects

I actually don't have that many unfinished craft projects, as I'm quite good about finishing things off. But there are a few projects lying around that I've started that niggle at me, as well as projects that I have all the materials for but am yet to start.

Recently I listed out all these projects on a page in my Smash book, firstly so that I can keep track of them and secondly for inspiration in case I find myself with some free time and looking for something crafty to do.

Smash book list of unfinished craft projects

On our recent holiday I finished off a project which I'd been struggling with for some time, in fact it nearly ended up in the bin on a couple of occasions. It was a birdhouse kit that I bought once in Hobbycraft, I actually blogged about it once before. It was very cheap, but it turned out to be a bit of a rubbish kit. It didn't contain any of the embroidery silks, so I had to use my own for it. The pattern was impossible to read, and I did most of the design following the photograph that accompanied it. It's supposed to be a large coaster kit, but when I came to frame it the cork backing was too big and showed through the transparent sides, which made it look really messy. I managed to work something out though and I'm pretty pleased with the finished piece, it is quite pretty, and I'm glad that I stuck with it.

Small birdhouse cross stitch project

Now I'm concentrating on another kit that I bought in the sales - a knit your own hot water bottle cover which came from The Works. I bought it mainly because it came with a mini hot water bottle, and as Mia has been eyeing up Harry's hot water bottle for some time I thought it would be nice to make for her. It's supposed to be red and green with a festive crochet snowflake, but I've changed it to red and purple and I'm intending to decorate it with a felt heart (crochet and I don't get along).

Knitted hot water bottle kit in progress

I'm not very good at knitting, and I'm pretty terrible at following a pattern. Possibly it's just me, but the pattern included doesn't seem to make a great deal of sense so I've been fudging it a bit. I've knitted one complete side and have just started on the second side. It's quite easy to do, just the increasing and decreasing that I've made up a bit, hopefully it will be finished by next winter!


  1. I once counted up all my unfinished projects and it was a slightly eye-watering 41! I'm working my way through them at the moment, but a couple of new ones also seem to have snuck in. I daren't write them all down.

    Also - I've always wondered what a smash book is. Now I know. Not sure how they'd passed me by until now!

    1. Wow, that's an impressive list! I also can't resist adding new ones. I love my smash book, I bought a branded one cheap on holiday but you can just use any book with nice sturdy pages, definitely something that I'm going to continue with. I like to make a couple of pages when we've been on holiday or a day trip, it's a nice place to quickly note down a few memories and keep some ephemera.


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