Thursday, 3 March 2016

Crafting for Easter with Springboard Supplies

Easter crafts with Springboard Supplies

Springboard Supplies specialise in the supply of creative, educational resources to schools and groups. and this month they have sent me a selection of their Easter themed crafts to try out. The full kits come in packs of 30, are bright and colourful, and contain everything that you need to complete them, ideal for groups of children. We had a lot of fun crafting together!

We started with the Tactile Rabbits which were very popular. You are provided with a cut out rabbit shape which has holes in his tummy and a selection of strips of fabric. The children decorated their rabbit faces, and then threaded the fabric through the holes, knotting it to make it fluff out.

Children with Easter bunny craft

Even Mia managed this easily with very little help, and they loved the selection of different fabrics that they could use. The finished bunny is big and sturdy and they loved playing with them.

Textured Easter bunny craft

Next we made some Triple Egg Decorations. The children chose the coloured shapes that they wanted to use for their eggs, then I tied them together with some curling ribbon to make hanging decorations. They decorated their eggs with felt pens and some collage materials to make bright, cheerful Easter egg decorations which I'm going to hang up in the window.

Triple Egg hanging decorations

Then Mia and I made some Easter Chick Boxes. The boxes come flat and are really easy to fold up and stick together, I used double sided tape so that we didn't have to wait for them to dry. We decorated them using felt pens and feathers to give them wings. They will make great gift boxes for Easter treats.

Easter chick boxes

Mia then had fun decorating some Easter Banner Cards. They are brightly coloured strips of cardboard cut out to spell Easter and can be folded up to make cards. We've left ours unfolded for now as I think I'm going to use them as decorations instead of cards.

Easter cut outs to decorate

Finally, Mia made herself an Easter bonnet using one of the blank Easter Crown Hats, another craft which she was able to manage pretty much by herself. She's so proud of her hat! The kit includes a basic crown which you can cut to size, and a nice selection of Easter themed cutouts in different colours that you can glue around the edges.

Simple Easter bonnet

We had a great time making all these crafts! Harry has also written about some of the crafts that he made on his own new blog, and you can find his post here - Easter Crafts with Springboard Supplies.

I was sent a selection of craft kits in exchange for this review.

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