Wednesday 16 March 2016

The new online learning journal, and photographs of Mia in front of things

Mia began in Reception back in September, and since Harry started school there was something new. We've been used to seeing the children's Learning Journals back from when they started at Nursery, but now the school has introduced an Online Learning Journal for the early years pupils - Tapestry.

I have to say that it's brilliant, and I hope that it has made things easier for the teachers too. There is both a website and a mobile phone app which we can login to and see what Mia has been up to. Something new is added several times a week, usually a photograph and sometimes a video. It's linked to the curriculum so it's organised by category - Expressive arts and design, Understanding the World and so on, with a note from the teacher underneath.

We can also add in our own photographs and videos of things that Mia has been doing at home, for example at parents evening it was mentioned that she wasn't holding her pen correctly, so when she finally worked it out I snapped a photo and added it to Tapestry.

I can't share any of her school photos here, but it has caused something funny to happen at home. Every time that Mia does something she's proud of - draws a nice picture, builds something with Duplo or sets up a little picnic with her dolls for example - she asks me to take a picture of it and sits in front of it with a big grin on her face. It's obviously what they do at school when they've done something good or interesting! So my camera roll is gradually filling up with photos of Mia sitting with things in various states of dress, and with the state of her hair marking the approximate time of day that the photo was taken.

Child sitting in front of her toys

It's really great to see what she's been up to at school, almost as it happens, and it's a lovely reassurance to know that she's having fun when I'm not with her. It's just a shame that it's only for the Early Years classes, I'd love to see what Harry gets up to as well!

Does your child's school or nursery use an online learning journal?


  1. This sounds great! We rarely get a chance to see Bob's learning journey but if it was online I would be looking at it all the time. Hopefully her school will do this soon! x

    1. I often find myself browsing through all her pictures when I'm sat down with my phone, it's so lovely!


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