Monday 14 March 2016

Sharing some of my favourite felt crafts

I really love crafting with felt. Felt comes in a huge range of colours, you can cut and sew it easily without the need for hemming, it's durable and very versatile. Over the years I've featured lots of felt crafts on my blog, including my very first blog post, and so I thought that I'd share some of my favourites in a round up post.

Felt crafts round up

As I said above, my very first blog post was a felt craft, sharing these felt party rings and cookies that I made. I've also used felt to make lots of other play food for the children's toy kitchen, and it is all still played with today. Among other things I made a felt sandwich set and a felt and salt dough pizza.

Felt party rings and cookies

Another homemade toy that I was really proud of was the magnetic felt fishing game. Unfortunately the fishing rod has broken, but the children still play with the fishes and they've held up really well.

Magnetic felt fishing game homemade toy for children

I've also used felt for some more grown up craft projects. I love my two felt button pictures that are now hanging above my desk. You can find the instructions here - Green Button and Felt Framed Tree Picture and Pink Button and Felt Framed Tree Picture. I like how they are both different yet still match.

Felt button tree pictures

Another decorative picture that I made was this embroidery hoop flower art, it's difficult to judge the size from the photograph but it's quite small, about 10cm across. I could easy make loads of these as they are so easy and fun to do, but I'm running out of places to hang them!

Embroidery hoop art with felt and buttons

I was also really pleased with the Denim and Felt Butterfly Bunting that I made for our summer house. Some of the butterflies have become a little faded after nearly four years (!) but it still looks really pretty hanging up out there and makes me smile when I see it.

Denim and felt butterfly bunting

Finally, I've also found felt a really good material to use with the children for some first sewing projects. These little Valentine's Day felt gift bags were really easy for them to make and decorate, and look really pretty.

Felt and button gift bag craft

You can see all of my felt projects on my Felt Crafts page.


  1. They are fantastic. I really do love the party rings and cookies. So cute!


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