Wednesday 9 March 2016

Easter and Spring crafting with Baker Ross

Spring crafts for children with Baker Ross

I love it when we receive a new box of craft supplies from Baker Ross! This month we've received some lovely craft materials to make some Easter and Spring crafts.

We started with some Bird Ceramic Flowerpots. There were four in the pack so the children decorated two each using some HobbyLine Brights Porcelain Paints. The paints are gorgeous colours, really bright and cheerful and in a colour palette which work really well together. They covered the birds beautifully and dried to a lovely glossy finish. I was really impressed with how nicely the children decorated their birds! They are so colourful and would look lovely as little decorations or used to store some of their bits and bobs.

Spring crafts for children with Baker Ross

The Mini Birdhouse Gift Box Decorations are little pop out houses which can be decorated and glued together easily to make small hanging decorations. Filled with sweets they make a lovely gift box, or you could string a whole line of them together to make some really sweet bunting or garlands. I think they'd also make good Christmas decorations! We found it easier to decorate the houses before they were popped out, and because they are so small they aren't too daunting for little ones to think about decorating. The children used felt pens and a few small stickers. We filled them with sweets, then I stuck them together with glue stick as they were a bit fiddly. They are so pretty!

The Arrow Wooden Plaques are lovely sturdy hanging arrows which could be decorated for all sorts of purposes. We used ours to make some signs to give the Easter Bunny a helping hand. I began by giving all the arrows a coat of white emulsion so that the children had a plain background to work on, then they decorated them using felt pens.

Finally we used these Tissue Paper Flower Kits to make some tissue paper flowers to brighten up the windowsill in my office. The tissue paper is pre-cut and folded, so you just need to wrap it around with a pipe cleaner and then fluff out the petals. They were a little fiddly at first, but we soon got the hang of them, and we made them a little shorter than suggested so that they fit nicely inside one of my mugs.

Spring crafts for children with Baker Ross

I received a box of crafting supplies from Baker Ross as part of their Bloggers Network.


  1. Ahh! How lovely! I do love Baker Ross...We did our box yesterday.
    It's nice to see what others get to try out. I really like those Bird Ceramic Flowerpots :D

    1. They are lovely aren't they, I think that the bright colours of the paint really make them pop.


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