Thursday 10 March 2016

Music is the answer to more family time

Do you play music around the house? New research from Sonos has revealed that families that listen to music out loud spend an extra hour together each week, as well as eating an extra meal together each week.

I've always found that background music kept my children calm when they were little. My son in particular was quite a grumpy, easily bored baby, and we had a CD of children's music songs that we played over and over, it really made a difference to his mood! Now, my husband will often initiate a 'disco' before bed where he'll turn up a few party songs, and the children will dance like mad around the room showing off their moves.

8 out of 10 people from the 4000 Brits surveyed agreed that household tasks are easier when listening to music and I definitely agree with this, I love playing my old Britpop albums while I'm doing some ironing or any other household task that seems to drag on for ages. At the moment I'm decorating the kitchen, and it's a lot more interesting doing the painting with some of my favourite songs to sing along to.

The infographic below represents the findings from the research, and I find it really interesting to think about how important music is to the family dynamic.

Music brings families closer infographic

Is music around the home important to you?

I received a Sonos speaker in exchange for sharing this infographic.

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