Friday, 4 March 2016

Crafting is my Therapy #2

Welcome to the second month of our new crafty linky, Crafting is my Therapy, hosted by myself and Me, You and Magoo! Thank you to everyone that linked up last month, and please do join in if you'd like to share what you've been working on this month. The linky will be live for the whole month, and you can find the link at the bottom of this post.

This month we were away for a week at Center Parcs, and I made the decision to leave my crochet at home, knowing that it wouldn't take me too long to catch up when I got back. I really missed it while I was away though, and I did start to regret having left it! So instead of crafting I used my spare time during the week to write in my Travel Listography book, making lists about places that I've visited and places that I'd love to go to. It's filling up nicely now, and it was fun to spend some time reminiscing about the fun that we've had travelling in the past.

Travel listography book

I caught up with my Sky Blanket (link to update post) the day that we god home, and it's looking good now. I've been a little bolder and included some slightly different stitches to represent wind and snow, and continued adding a few extra bits of ribbon and button to portray things that I've seen in the sky.

Sky Blanket close up

It's also starting to look a little more like a blanket now that we've reached the end of February. It's not very wide, but I can see that it's going to be nice and long when it's finished!

Sky Blanket spread out

I'm also getting on extremely well with my other crochet blanket project - my granny square blanket. These last steps have been a bit of a slog. My decision to make a wider border seemed like a good idea at the time, but each round took ages, and I also had problems with the border curling up so I tried various different ways to stop it, decreasing stitches at various points and turning the work back on itself.

I'm very excited to have finally started work on the last row! I'm attempting a scalloped edge which I think is working out really well and will finish the blanket off nicely. There will definitely be a ta-da blog post when it's finished!

Granny square blanket with scalloped edge

Then I have another crochet project to work on - a pink crochet bunting pack designed by Attic24. I'm looking forward to having a go with the kit and hope that I can work it out, and I'm hoping that Mia will want the bunting for her bedroom when it's finished.

What have you been crafting lately? We'd love to see!

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  1. Interested in why you chose Belgium? We enjoyed a family trip out-of-season to a similiar place in Belgium and enjoyed the peace. It sounds like it was fun!

    1. We chose Belgium for Center Parcs because the prices are so much cheaper than the UK parks, and the parks in Belgium are the closest to drive to. It's really great, I'd definitely recommend it!

  2. Oh what a fab idea to stitch in extra bits and bobs to your sky blanket, how special. And your granny square blanket is looking great, congrats on getting near the end. We're off to Centre Parcs in the summer, can't wait for a break!

    1. Thank you very much! I hope that you enjoy your holiday, we do love Center Parcs.

  3. Hi Jennifer, I'm really no crafter, but did crochet a blanket many moons ago, which took me years to complete and doesn't look anything as nice as yours! The idea of crocheting a blanket using the sky for inspiration sound like fun.


    1. Thank you! I think that this would take me years if I didn't have the push to do a bit every day, I have another granny square blanket that I've been doing for months!


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