Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Creating an ornament from the outdoors

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I was challenged by Tiger Sheds to create an Easter themed craft challenge - creating an ornament using something found in the garden. I decided that we would use sticks to make a simple cheerful mobile using Spring coloured pastel pom poms and buttons.

How to make a simple stick mobile

To make this mobile you need:

Materials for a garden mobile

Coloured pom poms and buttons
Decorative flowers
Thin twine and a needle
Thicker twine for hanging


First collect some suitable sticks. We don't have any trees in our garden so we looked for some on the school run, and even though it's through a residential area I was surprised at just how many we found! Wash them and make sure that they are thoroughly dry.

Collect together a selection of pom poms and buttons. Allowing four strands for each mobile, lay them out to create a pattern and cut four lengths of twine for each mobile.

Tie a knot at the bottom of the twine then thread on your first accessory. Older children can do this by themselves but younger children will need help. Make sure to thread right through the centre of the pom pom so that it doesn't fall off. Tie a knot underneath each item to hold it in place.

Threading pom poms onto twine

Tie each length of twine to the stick at regular intervals, then use a sturdier piece of thread tied at each end of the stick to make a loop for hanging. Decorate with artificial flowers if you have any.

Button and pom pom mobile

Then hang up your mobiles and enjoy!

Children with mobile craft

Tiger Sheds sent me a box of crafty items in exchange for this post.

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  1. Such a great idea using something out of the garden for a craft


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