Friday, 25 March 2016

Review - Farmyard Selfies jigsaw puzzle from Ravensburger

We love doing jigsaws in this family, and so we always enjoy the chance to try out a new puzzle from Ravensburger. Farmyard Selfies is a 100 piece jigsaw with extra large pieces depicting some farmyard friends taking a selfie. Aimed at children aged 6 and up, I knew that my children would love the cheeky animal picture.

Ravensburger Farmyard Selfie puzzle

I decided as a challenge I'd let them have a go at it themselves to see how they got on. Harry organised them both into making sure that all the pieces were turned the right way up.

Children sorting out jigsaw pieces

My first step with a jigsaw is always to sort out the edge pieces, but with Harry in charge he picked out the leafy pieces from along the top to pass over to Mia to have a go with.

Child doing a jigsaw

Harry decided to start with piecing together each animal in turn. He did have a little direction from me as I helped him to find the dominant colours in the puzzle and look for them first, and I'm afraid I couldn't help myself from joining in the puzzle making with them!

Children doing a jigsaw together

They both took it all very seriously and we all had a lot of fun completing the puzzle together. Although 100 pieces seems quite a lot, because they are larger in size it seems less daunting and it's quick to watch the picture build up. They were so proud of themselves when it was finished!

Children with finished Ravensburger jigsaw puzzle

This is a lovely jigsaw to add to our collection and at just the right difficulty level for the two of them to complete either individually or together with a little bit of help from me.

We received this puzzle in exchange for a review.

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