Saturday, 3 December 2016

Christmas crafts for children #CraftsWithWynsors

This Christmas I've been invited to join in with the Wynsors #CraftWithWynsors Celebration. I'm going to share some ideas for crafts to do with the children during the holidays to prepare for the Christmas season, and bring some festive fun into the home.

Christmas crafts for children

To help I've been sent some craft materials, and some slippers for the children and hot chocolate to get comfy and enjoy being snuggled up in the warm at home this winter!

Slippers from Wynsors and hot chocolate

So here are three fun crafts that are easy to do with the children and will add a personal touch to your home this Christmas.

Light up glitter tree cones

You need - Glittery cardboard, a hole punch, buttons, glue, stapler, battery powered tea light candles

Materials for making glittery cone decorations

Instructions - First use a plate to cut a large circle template in the glittery card and cut the circle in half. Fold around each semi-circle to form a cone and staple together. Remove any excess card from the middle. Use a hole punch to make holes in the cone, then decorate with small buttons or any other embellishments. When dry, place a battery powered tea light candle inside.

Glitter cone Christmas decorations

These little glittery Christmas trees are great for decorating the mantlepiece or as a table centerpiece!

Glitter ornaments on the mantlepiece

Yarn wrapped wreath

You need - A wire wreath base, lots of green yarn, battery powered fairy lights

Instructions - First, plan where your wreath is going to be displayed, to make sure that you have somewhere you can hide the battery pack and that you've left a long enough wire leading to it. Mine is propped up on the staircase, so the battery pack can be safely tucked out of the way.

First wrap your fairy lights around the wreath base making sure that they are evenly spread around. At this point it's a very good idea to make sure that your lights are in full working order, to avoid frustration later on!

Fairy lights on a wreath

Then use thick green yarn to wrap around the wreath base. Use several strands of yarn at once to make the process much quicker, especially if the children are helping out. As you go around, position the lights and wrap the yarn tightly but carefully.

Wrapping yarn around a wreath

When you start a new strand, make sure to tuck in any loose ends so that knots are hidden. You will probably want to go around a couple of times to make sure that all the wire is covered completely and the wreath looks even.

Yarn wrapped Christmas wreath

Then you can hang it up on display! Even if you have partially covered up the bulbs you will find that they still shine through the yarn and add some festive sparkle to wherever you have it on display!

Yarn wreath with fairy lights

Lollipop stick ornaments

You need - Coloured lollipop sticks (or you can paint them if you don't have any), glue, buttons, ribbon

Instructions - First glue the lollipop sticks into different shapes. I found it was best to do this in advance so that the glue was completely set, before letting the children loose.

Then use plenty of glue and stick on the buttons. You can either stick with a theme and use matching buttons, or go completely random for a more colourful effect.

Simple button Christmas decorations

Then add some colourful ribbon for hanging and add to the Christmas tree!

Button Christmas decorations on the tree

We had a lot of fun making these Christmas crafts, and I hope that I've inspired you to have a go at adding some personalised touches to your Christmas decorations!

I received slippers for the children and some craft supplies in exchange for this post.

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