Friday 25 October 2013

Rainbow crafting with the Magic Belles

Have you discovered the Magic Belles yet? They are six magical little fairies, each looking after one of life's special wonders. On their website you can play music with them, read stories, play games and download colouring pictures. I first met the friendly Magic Belles on Twitter, and Harry was so excited to visit their Fairy Postbox at Lollibop. Since then, Mia has joined their lovely free Flutterbud Fan Club, and every month she has been receiving a gorgeous little pack of goodies, including pictures to colour, stickers and badges. It's not just for Mia though, they both love playing on the free Magic Belles iPad app, which is very sweet.

I was really pleased when we were invited to take part in a challenge from Rainbow Belle. Harry and Mia were sent a big pack of crafty bits that they could use to decorate some lovely wooden bunting and rainbows. Harry and Mia were so excited when they saw the parcel, it was stuffed full of all sorts of brightly coloured crafty things and they couldn't wait to get started.

Rainbow crafting with the Magic Belles

They were given some wooden bunting to colour and decorate, and some pretty rainbow ribbon to string it up with. I allocated five pieces of bunting each. Harry was happy to get on with it by himself, and I was happy to help Mia out!

Rainbow crafting with the Magic Belles

I made them a string of bunting each and we used them to decorate their noticeboards, where I stick up all the best pieces of art that they have created. It looks lovely! Their wooden rainbows were also beautifully decorated and will be proudly displayed in their rooms. Thanks so much to Rainbow Belle!

Rainbow crafting with the Magic Belles

We were sent a lovely pack of crafting materials by the Magic Belles. If you have little ones, you should definitely pay them a visit!


  1. Just fluttering by to say how bright and magical your beautiful bunting looks - well done Harry and Mia. You made us all jingle with happiness! With love and magic dust from Rainbow Belle and friends xxx


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