Tuesday 22 October 2013

Ladybird Tuesday - Plants and How They Grow

This week I'm looking at a Ladybird book which I found in a huge stash at a local charity shop the other week. There were so many and I couldn't possibly buy them all, so I picked out ones that I knew would interest me and the children. My son is always asking questions about plants, so I thought that he might like this one - Plants and how they grow. This book is a Ladybird Natural History Book and is found in series 651.

Ladybird Natural History Book - Plants and how they grow

Like all Ladybird books, this book goes into a lot of depth about quite complicated scientific subjects. After a brief introduction into "What is a plant"? there are some little experiments to help you begin to identify different types of plants and learn about them. For example, digging up a plant with roots intact and examining them, then placing it into some water with a marked level and checking back the next day to see that water has been absorbed.

Ladybird Natural History Book - Plants and how they grow

The book takes a close look at all the different parts of a plant - roots, stems, bud, leaves and so on, with plenty of detailed illustrations. There is also information on how plants grow from seeds, and reproduce.

Ladybird Natural History Book - Plants and how they grow

We learn all about plants which grow in different environments, and the different ways that plants have adapted in order to survive. This book is full of some fascinating information and facts, and all presented in an easy to understand way.

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