Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Ladybird Tuesday - Dinosaurs

I've been on a bit of a roll with Ladybird book acquisition this week. I don't often get the chance to browse charity shops, but a shopping session with my Mum (and also having her on board with the hunt) led to a few purchases. It seems to be difficult to get hold of the really vintage Ladybird books now, but there are plenty of the newer Ladybird books around and they are usually quite reasonably priced. More about those over the next few weeks, but today's Ladybird Tuesday post is about a book that I picked up for Harry a little while ago - Dinosaurs.

Dinosaurs is a book in series 737 - Ladybird Leaders. According to the back of this copy there are ten books in the series which span quite a range of interests - Water, Man and his Car and Castles among other things. This copy was published in 1974. The book follows chronologically from a desolate world with no plants, animals or people and then details how life began in the sea, moving on to the first amphibians and reptiles before reaching the age of the dinosaurs. The timeline also continues on past dinosaurs to include horses, the woolly mammoth and the sabre-toothed tiger, so in fact it's really a very potted history of early life on earth.

There's a lot to take in from this book and it is a bit difficult to get a sense of the huge timescales involved. As an introduction to the subject it's very good though, and the illustrations are as excellent as ever. The final page has some outline images of some of the animals covered in the book with a human figure for size comparison, which fascinated my son. There's also a brief mention of how the first dinosaur bones were discovered.

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  1. This is a fntastic book isn't it - am sure every home MUST have it somewhere!

    1. I'm sure I had a copy when I was little too!

  2. We have this one too. Little Louis Fox loves it and so does his sister actually.

    1. It is a great book, really educational but written to appeal to little ones.

  3. Found this book while tidying my mum's house in the summer. Both myself and my husband have fond memories of this from our childhood. My 4 year old nephew who is obsessed with all things to do with dinosaurs adores this book. I think it is great to see the book delighting a new generation of readers. The artwork is excellent.


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