Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Ladybird Tuesday - Lives of the Great Composers Book 1

When I find Ladybird books to buy, although I'm buying with my children in mind I also look for ones that represent my own interests. I love the way that the Ladybird books are easy to read, yet so comprehensive that they contain a wealth of information on a subject. If you are looking for an overview on a topic they are brilliant.

Lives of the Great Composers is in Series 662 - History of the Arts. I have Book 1, and there is also a Book 2. Book 1 covers Bach, Mozart and Beethoven and was published in 1969. I recently wrote about The Story of Music, which is also found in this series.

Lives of the Great Composers vintage Ladybird book

There is a lot of detailed information in this book. Each composer is given a detailed biography, beginning with a history of their family and details of their early childhood. There are also little anecdotes about their lives, for example a story about how Bach was able to fit his hand through a grille in a cupboard to copy his brother's sheets of music, and there are some lovely, lively illustrations to match the stories.

Vintage Ladybird Lives of the Great Composers

At the end of the book is a list of well-known pieces by the composers in the book with a few notes about each. The whole thing is written in a really descriptive and engaging style which makes it a pleasure to read, and once again I learned a lot from reading this book!

Lives of the Great Composers Vintage Ladybird

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  1. I'm still looking out for some of this series without any success. The more I read about it though the more I want to track it down. Thanks for joining in again Jennifer.

    1. I found this and the other one in the series in a great big box in a local charity shop, which was full of the more educational, wordy Ladybird books. I couldn't get them all so I spent ages choosing which ones I was going to get, the trouble with Ladybird books is that there are so many you would find it very difficult to collect them all!


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