Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Ladybird Tuesday - Tricks and Magic

An activity that I have planned for the summer holidays is for the children (and me!) to learn some simple magic tricks, and then put on a little magic show. So the acquisition of Ladybird Tricks and Magic was very well timed.

Vintage Ladybird Tricks and Magic

Tricks and Magic is from Series 633 - Hobbies. I love the sound of all the books in this series, and I know that we had some of the others at one point - How to Swim and Dive definitely sticks in my memory and Ram also has Stamp Collecting in his stash from home. I also have a sneaky suspicion that a few of the other books from this series may be making an appearance around the time of my birthday! Tricks and Magic was first published in 1969.

Vintage Ladybird Tricks and Magic

The book covers a range of simple magic tricks which can be performed with materials found around the house. It starts off with instructions for how to make a magic wand and a magician's hat, which we'll definitely be doing.

Vintage Ladybird book Tricks and Magic

The magic tricks range in difficulty and cover a range of styles - from card tricks, 'tricks' that aren't really tricks but are impressive scientific stunts, and tricks that need some preparation. They use all sorts of things like matchsticks, coins and handkerchiefs, although I think I'll find an alternative to the matchsticks when I teach them to Harry! I did like the page which described how to blow over a brick. But where to find a brick? 'There is probably one somewhere in your garden' - yes, very true!

I've picked out a few which Harry will be able to do, and some which I can learn to (hopefully) impress him. Like all Ladybird books, the text is easy to follow and I do love the vintage illustrations.

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