Friday 1 August 2014

A photo for each letter of the alphabet

It's been on my Day Zero Project list for ages - take a photo for each letter of the alphabet. I was putting it off because I couldn't decide whether to take photographs of an object beginning with that letter, or of an actual letter. In the end, one rainy morning in the summer holidays I let Harry decide. He loves taking photographs anyway, and with a bit of direction he had a great time working his way through the alphabet.

Some of the letters he needed a bit of help with but most of them he came up with by himself. Here's Harry's letters of the alphabet photo collage:

Child taking a photograph for each letter of the alphabet

Yes, we are still working on a few things when it comes to photography. I've cropped some of the pictures a bit to make them fit, but most of them had a finger or thumb in there somewhere. Also he needs a bit of tuition in the staging of his photographs and removing the background clutter.

In a couple of the photos ('elephant' and 'fire / flower') you can just about see another little camera person joining along with the hunt!


  1. Fab idea, might see if Alex would like to do this over the summer :)

  2. A great idea I'm going to do this too I think x


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