Sunday 17 August 2014

Review - Crafting materials from Viking

Recently I was invited to choose some craft products to review from Viking. After a look through the Viking website I found a huge range of art and craft supplies, suitable for both adult and child crafts. I was completely spoilt for choice!

We've been having a lot of fun with modelling clay lately, but the clay that we've been using has quite a firm texture and is too difficult for smaller fingers to manipulate. The ModelAIR modelling material is really light and almost puffy in texture, and much better for younger children. I chose a pack of bright colours which contains red, blue, yellow and white, so you can mix it easily to make any colour that you need.

It's not sticky at all and doesn't make any mess while you are using it, and then it just needs to be left out for a few days to dry. When it is dry it stays really light and soft to the touch. We've not tried, but I would think that you could paint it pretty easily. There is loads in the box too, we've had a couple of crafting sessions already, with friends too, and there is plenty left over for another day. The children made some fantastic monsters, a clown fish and then some food for the monsters to eat! The finished models were sturdy enough to play with too.

Art and craft supplies from Viking

I'm always crafting with felt, and we do get through it very quickly, so I was pleased to find a huge pack of felt. This felt bundle really is gorgeous. There are 100 sheets with four sheets each of 25 colours. The felt sheets are really, bright, vibrant colours and the felt itself is lovely and thick.

Art and craft supplies from Viking

We used some of the felt to make a monster land for the monsters to live in. I just used a green sheet for the base then we talked about the things that we wanted monster land to have. Harry decided that they needed nests to sleep in and Mia wanted a pond. Later on Harry wanted some snow so I cut out lots of small circles of white felt and we sprinkled them around, it looked really good!

Art and craft supplies from Viking

Finally, we get through a lot of coloured card in this house, and so I chose a pack of 100 sheets of coloured card which will keep us going for some time. It's a lovely selection of colours, and although the description says pastel colours there are some nice bright shades in there too. I'm planning on getting my Cricut out for some more crafting soon, and this card will be perfect!

I received these products from Viking for the purpose of this review.

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