Sunday 10 August 2014

Ready Steady Bake with The Garden Centre Group

We were invited along to our nearest centre, Old Barn Nursery near Horsham, to take part in one of their summer holiday bake and play sessions for little ones.

Although I do lots of baking with the children, I tend to use my mixer, so they don't often get the opportunity to mix up ingredients by hand. There was plenty of mess, and it was very nice not having to worry about needing to clean it up! They made a simple cookie recipe, the ingredients were measured out for them and they just had to mix it all up. They made two huge cookies each.

Ready Steady Bake at the garden centre

The lady running the session was lovely and friendly, and great at interacting with the children. When the cookies went into the oven she organised a taste testing game. With my fussy eaters, I was quite surprised at how willing they were to have unknown foods spooned into their mouths! There were also some colouring activities for them to do, and they mixed up their icing ready for the next stage.

Ready Steady Bake at the garden centre

Dripping the icing onto the cookies and adding sprinkles was a lot of fun and they both got nice and sticky. Then we packed up the cookies to bring home, they chose a new stuffed friend to bring home with them, and we spent some time in the play area at the other end of the cafe before heading home.

Ready Steady Bake at the garden centre

We had a great time at the session. There were only three children taking part so it wasn't too crowded and there was plenty of space to do everything. It was a great way to enjoy something fun with the children without worrying about any preparation or tidying. And the cookies were delicious too!

Ready Steady Bake at the garden centre

We received a complimentary session in exchange for a review on the blog.

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