Thursday 14 August 2014

Our summer holiday so far

The summer holidays are flying by, and I'm starting to feel a bit anxious about running out of time! At the beginning of July I posted our Summer Holiday List, a (rather ambitious) list of all the things that I wanted to do over the holidays.

We have been making fairly good progress so far, and I've been making a real effort to schedule things in. We've been doing a great deal of crafting, making good use of a wonderful bundle of crafty goodies that we received from the fantastic Craft Merrily. We've been Hama beading, loom band making and discovering Fimo.

Children doing crafts in the summer holiday

We've joined the Summer Reading Challenge at the library and visited a couple of times so far. We've had a Roman themed day and taken a photograph for each letter of the alphabet. We've also played games in the garden, had plenty of barbecues and we're working on a magic show.

But I'm looking at the time that we have left, and it's disappearing fast. We are away for a bit towards the end of the holiday, and along with meeting up with friends and family and other local events that are on, it all seems very busy. I'm ridiculously worried that I'm going to feel like I've failed if we don't complete the list, even if we have had a great summer!

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