Friday 11 October 2013

Hunting for bugs in the garden with Barny

I first encountered the new Barny snacks at Lollibop. We had a lot of fun in the Barny tent hunting for digital bugs on their interactive wall. Thanks to BritMums and Barny, last week we received a Barny Discovery Kit so that we could go on an adventure of our own and find some real bugs.

Bug hunting kit with Barny

I'm a bit squeamish when it comes to picking up bugs, but fortunately my Dad was visiting for a few days and he was very happy to take Harry on an adventure out in the garden looking for insects. In the kit we had a small plastic pot and a larger mesh container for observing insects and bugs. The easiest ones to find were woodlice, plenty of those under my poor, neglected pots!

Hunting for bugs in the garden

Our swing has become a home for spiders, and my Dad showed Harry how if you look carefully at a spider's web you can usually find the spider in there somewhere. Harry also enjoyed having a good look at the web itself.

Hunting for bugs in the garden

They had a lot of fun on their little adventure in the garden, and I know that I'm going to have to go out bug hunting myself before long!

I received a Barny Discovery Kit and some Barny snacks to take part in this challenge. 


  1. Hello from a fellow West Sussex blogger! I found you via Twitter. I also did the Barny thing and I'm keeping my fingers crossed! :-)


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