Monday 5 January 2015

The end of the Christmas holidays

The Christmas holiday this year seems to have been really long, and very much in a good way. Ram has been off work for the full two weeks, Harry has been home from school, and Mia has been home most of the time too as her nursery is closed. We often travel during the school holidays, or else Ram is at work, and so it is quite probably the longest stretch that we have ever all spent together at home.

We did spend a weekend in Warwick with Ram's parents, and they also visited us for a few days, but there have been many days with just the four of us in the house. It has been really relaxed, with no need to get up in the morning apart from hungry children, and no fixed appointments. Both are getting easier to entertain at home, Harry has spent a lot of time doing his Lego, and Mia has been playing with her dolls and toy kitchen. We've taken them to soft play a couple of times, but we've not been as busy as we often are.

British Isles jigsaw in progress

I've done a small amount of sales shopping from in front of the computer, I have a new jacket which was sorely needed as my old one was quite literally falling apart. I also picked up some decopatch bits and pieces from John Lewis, and a grown up colouring book, which I've already been having fun with! As well as colouring I've been making good progress on a big jigsaw that I bought over the summer, a historic map of the British Isles. I've also kept our family Christmas journal up to date, along with some help from the children.

I've been busy stuffing my face with Christmas chocolates and treats, knowing that the New Year diet is looming. The New Year has even inspired a bit of a tidy up and decluttering session - I'm intending to join along with a "52 Weeks to an Organized Home" challenge and my kitchen is already looking much tidier! I'll be picking up the blogging again too, I took it easy for a couple of weeks after a busy build up to Christmas.  

Adult colouring book

2015 is the year that Mia will start school and my days as a stay at home Mum to pre-schoolers will be over. I've been feeling a bit teary about it, as I'm not sure what will happen then. I know that I'll be feeling that I should be looking for a job, although I'm not sure yet what I could do that will fit in around school hours. I'm burying my head in the sand a little bit!

I do hope that you all had a lovely Christmas period and wish you a Happy New Year.

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