Tuesday 13 January 2015

Ladybird Tuesday - More Things to Make - For Special Occasions

For this week's Ladybird Tuesday I'm looking at another of the crafty Ladybird books that my Mum bought me for my birthday. More Things to Make is from Series 633 - Hobbies. It is a sequel to the original Things to Make book, and the Hobbies series has to be my favourite Ladybird series. More Things to Make was published in 1973.

Ladybird Hobbies More Things to Make

In total, the book features 24 different projects, with the majority themed around special occasions. There are a selection of cards and gifts for Mother's Day, some Easter crafts and some Christmas projects. The crafts use materials that are easily found around the home, for example toilet roll tubes, felt and pipe cleaners. A quick flick through resembles my Pinterest home page, with timeless children's crafting staples like tissue paper flowers and a pom pom cat.

Ladybird Hobbies More Things to Make

Most of the crafts are quite simple and could easily be completed by a child on their own. Some of them require a little more ability, for example hemming the edge of fabric, but the pictures are clear enough that even young children could use them as inspiration for their own ideas. I'm going to leave it around near Harry for him to browse through and see if he asks to make something from it, and if he does I will share it!

Ladybird Hobbies More Things to Make

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