Monday 8 June 2015

Mia's 4th birthdays

This year, Mia's birthday fell on the last day of our holiday. Not the best day to celebrate a birthday - a rushed morning departing from the cruise ship and then most of the day spent at Barcelona airport. So I'm afraid that we told her it was her 'pretend' birthday, so that we could celebrate her birthday properly a week later. We sang a quick Happy Birthday over a cake at breakfast (no candles are allowed on cruise ships) and even though we insisted that it wasn't her actual birthday that day I think she suspected - when we asked her the next day how old she was she answered four!

She has a couple of little girl friends that we meet up with regularly during the week, so this week I hosted and we had a vaguely Frozen themed party, then at the weekend we had another party with Ram's family that were visiting. My children always seem to end up celebrating their birthday on multiple occasions! We saved most of her presents and cards for her to open together and she had a Frozen cake. I'm afraid that I took the easy option and just bought some little Frozen toys that I placed on a blue iced cake, but I was pretty pleased with it!

Child with simple Frozen birthday cake

During the week between her pretend birthday and her real birthday though I'm afraid both Ram and I over compensated for the fact that we'd not celebrated her birthday on the actual day. I bought rather too many Frozen themed party accessories and Ram bought a few too many presents, which we then had to distribute around other family members to give to her so that she didn't have too many from us. Although we were actually so pleased with some of the things that we found for her that I'm planning a separate post about them this week!

I can't quite believe that Mia is four already, and the clock is ticking until she starts school. We've received her class list now, and will be arranging the teacher home visit very shortly before she has a couple of settling in sessions. It feels like I've only just realised that I'm now spending my last few weeks with a pre-schooler!


  1. Hope she had a lovely day-I am sure you aren't the first parent to do a 'pretend birthday'!

    1. It did make a lot of sense! I'm not sure we'll get away with it again though, although luckily on her next birthday we will be in the middle of a holiday so we can actually celebrate it then!


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