Thursday 4 June 2015

Father's Day crafts with Baker Ross

This year Father's Day is on the 21st June. I must admit that I've been all over the place lately and not had much time to stop and think, so it was quite a relief when I received a lovely box of Father's Day crafts from Baker Ross which I could do with the children to make some suitable gifts and keepsakes.

First up was these gorgeous Father's Day Handprint Poem Decoration Kits. They are quite similar to the handprint decorations that the children made for Mother's Day and I love that they are simple to make and even though it's a kit the children can really interpret it themselves using their creativity. Both children were very keen to make the decorations without any help, and as you can see even Mia at just 4 did a really good job with her red handprint! They are so bright and colourful, I'm hoping that Ram will take them into work to brighten up his office.

Crafting for Father's Day with Baker Ross

Next we made some super simple Father's Day Wooden Keyring Kits. They are very quick to make, although the children did need a little help threading the string through the beads. Ram needs a new keyring for his car keys, he might end up with both keyrings on it though as he won't want to have to choose a favourite!

I love these DAD Wooden Decorations which come with little pegs that you can slot into the back to stand them up. They were so simple to decorate and I think that the look great. I painted them with acrylic paints first, then gave the children a variety of stickers and crafty embellishments from our stash to decorate them with. I've always found the Baker Ross wooden shapes very easy to paint, they take the colour well and dry quickly so you can get on with your project.

Also in the Father's Day craft range are these T-Shirt Craft Boxes. We've not had chance to decorate these yet, but I'm thinking that they would look great decorated as football shirts. Ram was lucky enough to go to a Barcelona game while we were on holiday, so I might paint one up for him as a little Barcelona shirt!

Finally, you need a Father's Day card, and I think that the children did a fab job with some Father's Day Face Cards. Again, similar cards are available for Mother's Day, and I think that they are lovely. There are four different designs in the pack along with envelopes, it would be fun to get the children to do one each year and see how their pictures evolve over time!

Crafting for Father's Day with Baker Ross

As always, I think that the Baker Ross craft kits represent excellent value for money. Because the kits each contain several of the same craft, it would be a great idea to get together with friends and put in an order together, I usually have plenty of extras from my boxes to share out among my crafty friends!

I received these products as a member of the Baker Ross Bloggers Network.

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