Saturday, 27 June 2015

Cardboard tube monsters craft

This month we have been busy making Monsters from cardboard tubes, using our latest craft box as members of the Bostik Bloggers team.

How to make cardboard tube monsters

The box was stuffed full of bits and pieces that fitted the theme, along with some Bostik products to use in our crafting.

In the box was also a wonderful big cardboard cone that I thought would make a great monster body. I raided our junk modelling supply for some extra toilet roll tubes, and set Mia loose with a paintbrush and selection of different coloured paints.

Painted cardboard tubes craft

Then we looked through our crafty bits to see what we could use. First we worked on monster hands and feet. Mia threaded the colourful beads onto pipe cleaners, which was really easy for her to do and satisfying because the textured surface keeps the beads firmly in place. I cut out some feet from glittery card, and laid out lines of Bostik White Glu for her to stick pom poms in place. The Bostik White Glu was really easy to apply to small areas using the nozzle at the top of the bottle, and once it was dry all the pom poms stuck really firmly.

Monster tube craft

Mia and I had fun gluing all the bits together to make our first two monsters! We finished them off with a feather and some googly eyes. Again, the Bostik Glu worked perfectly for this craft, easily sticking all the different types of embellishment that we used.

Monsters made from toilet roll tubes

Then after school Harry joined us and we completed our Monster Family, using lots of different scraps and embellishments, and the children were so pleased with them! It's a really fun craft for children of all ages, and easy to do with all the crafty bits and pieces that you tend to collect when you have small children around!

Cardboard tube monsters

If you enjoy crafting with cardboard tubes you might also like our cardboard tube owls and minibeasts and bugs made from rubbish.

The box of craft materials was provided to me free of charge by Bostik as part of the Tots100/Bostik Craft Bloggers Club.

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