Thursday 18 June 2015

The littlest one is starting school

This week, Mia's new teacher came around for a home visit. We are quite lucky, because she will have the same teacher that Harry did, and be in the same classroom, so there is some familiarity for both us and her. But I can't quite believe that it's time for her to start school already. Perhaps because she's the youngest, she just doesn't seem ready, even though I know that she is.

She was so excited before the teachers arrived, bouncing about and carefully choosing the princess dress that she thought her teacher would like best. Harry was excited too, to see his old teacher again and show her some of the things in his house. During the visit Mia did clam up a little bit, although she sat there happily playing with the toys that they'd brought along.

The teacher brought along her book bag, a picture book, and a little book about the school filled with pictures of the different areas and what the children get up to. She already loves looking through Harry's book and it's so much easier to prepare her for school now that we all know what to expect.

It will be a big change for us all to have them both at school, but I'm torn - while I know that I'll relish the extra time, I know that I'm going to miss these pre-school days!

Things ready for a child starting school


  1. Aww! Such an exciting time for you all.
    I hope Mia enjoys school & you enjoy your extra time x

    1. Thank you! It is very exciting, I can't quite imagine it!


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