Wednesday 20 March 2019

A family of glasses wearers

A couple of weeks ago, a trip to the optician revealed something that wasn't entirely unexpected - Mia now joins the rest of us in needing to wear glasses pretty much all the time.

I was about Mia's age when I got my first pair of glasses and I remember it being quite an unusual thing then, I was definitely the only person in my class to wear them. It seems much more common these days, I don't know if parents are more likely to take their children to the opticians or whether an optician is more likely to give a child glasses even if they only have a slight prescription. Luckily Mia has been desperate for glasses for ages and she is thrilled, although I can't help being a bit disappointed for her - wearing glasses can be quite a pain sometimes!

We go to Specsavers for the children - they give you two pairs of glasses for children which is really handy, and they have a nice selection of free ones too. We've already managed to send her to school without them and temporarily leave them behind at the swimming pool! She had a great time picking out a pink and purple pair for home and a more muted pair to wear to school, and she takes great pride in cleaning them with the special cloth and putting them away safely in the case. Harry has also started wearing his glasses more, he is only supposed to need them for board work at school and for watching television, but he says that he finds it more comfortable to just wear them all the time.

I do think that the glasses suit her, and when she teams them with a headband like I used to wear sometimes I find it's like looking at a little version of myself!

So here we are, a family of glasses wearers!

Family wearing glasses selfie

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