Monday 11 March 2019

How to make a simple Egyptian costume for a child

Simple child Egyptian costume tutorial

This term my daughter's class assembly is based around her Egyptian topic, so I thought I'd share how we made this simple Egyptian costume for her to wear.

I'm a big fan of basing a costume around a pillowcase. Since I made our shepherd's outfit from a pillowcase, that particular brown pillowcase has been reused twice as a Stone Age costume and also as a Viking outfit. I've now added a white pillowcase outfit to our collection - it was initially used as a Greek costume and has now been recycled to fit in with our Egypt theme. All you need to do is cut a hole in the top for the neck and two holes at the sides for the arms. For the purpose of modesty, Mia is wearing a white t-shirt and white shorts underneath!

Homemade Egyptian costume for a child

The look is completed with a ribbon around the waist, a headband, some cuffs, and a wide necklace. Here's how we put together the accessories:


This headband is available to download from the Twinkl website here - Egyptian Snake Headband. It's a premium resource so you'll need a subscription to download, or else you could make something similar with gold cardboard and gems. It's easy to put together - you just print it out in colour and fold and glue it together.

Twinkl Egyptian headband to print


To make the cuffs we used cardboard tubes with a slit down the side and shortened slightly to fit Mia's wrists. The cuffs were painted with gold acrylic paint, then a coating of glitter paint was added. We used Glu Dots to stick some plastic gems around the sides, then I threaded some elastic through so that they can be removed easily and stay in place for her Egyptian dancing.

Homemade Egyptian wrist cuffs


The necklace is made from a piece of gold glittered card, cut to size and shaped to fit around the neck. The blue stripes are made from shiny blue paper glued in place, and then it's decorated with plastic gems, again stuck down using Glu Dots. I used a hole punch to make holes in the top of the necklace and then threaded some string through so that it can be tied at the back of the neck.

Egyptian necklace craft for a costume

I think that she definitely looks the part!

As a Twinkl blogger I've been provided with a Twinkl subscription in exchange for sharing their resources on my blog and social media.

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