Saturday 9 March 2019

World Book Day 2019

I love World Book Day. I know that not everyone is a fan of the costumes, but I love scrolling through my social feeds on World Book Day and seeing all the children dressed up, whether it's a shop bought costume or one that has been painstakingly homemade.

I was really pleased with the costumes that my children chose this year, not necessarily because of the creative skill involved, but because both costumes reflect the books that they are really enjoying at the moment.

Mia is currently working her way through the Harry Potter books, and I'm very proud of her because up until a year or so ago she was quite a reluctant reader and found it difficult to move onto more challenging chapter books. She is loving Harry Potter and seems to have a really good understanding of the story (although she's seen the films too which I'm sure helps!). She's taken a quiz somewhere which has sorted her into Hufflepuff house, so we bought her some Hufflepuff robes. The costume came with a notebook cover, and she's found a notebook to put inside which she's filled with handwritten spells and illustrations!

World Book Day costumes - Hogwarts and Percy Jackson

Harry was introduced to the Percy Jackson books at school last term, and since then he has devoured every book that he can find by Rick Riordan. We bought him one series of the books to take on holiday, and as soon as he'd finished them he started them again. There is something about them that has really struck a chord which is wonderful to see! For his costume, he already owns a Camp Half-Blood t-shirt, an important location in the stories, and a Camp Half-Blood medallion necklace. He teamed it with trousers and a pen which is apparently a sword in disguise. A super simple costume!

I love that their costumes were such a snapshot of their current reading obsessions!

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