Friday 29 March 2019

Small things that make me happy

Photo credit Nick Fewings via Unsplash.

* When my children come into bed with me first thing in the morning for a cuddle.

* A mug of hot chocolate, whether at home on my own or shared with a friend.

* Picking the children up from school and hearing them chatter away about what they've been up to that day.

* Being the right size to fit into all my clothes

* A hot shower after exercise

* Stepping outside and feeling warm air on my face.

* Taking off jeans and putting on comfy pyjama bottoms.

* Watching my children reading.

* Clear and clean surfaces.

* Putting the last piece into a jigsaw.

* A pile of new books to read.

* Passing things that I've finished with on to an appreciative new home.

* Trying a new recipe and it being a success.

* A hot water bottle.

* An empty inbox.

* A good pen that writes nicely.

* Marmite on toast.

* Baking and eating cake.

* Eating outdoors when it's warm.

* A box of chocolates just for me.

* Sitting under a blanket.

* Hearing my son play the piano.

* Rain on the windows when I don't need to go out.

* Warm brownies with ice cream.

* Watching the sea.

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