Monday 16 March 2020

Jane Eyre with Blackeyed Theatre at the Connaught Theatre Worthing

I received press tickets for this performance.

Jane Eyre by the Blackeyed Theatre, Worthing

Charlotte Bronte's Jane Eyre is a classic novels in English literature. The story begins by taking the reader through Jane's miserable and neglected childhood, then follows her into adulthood where as the governess in a wealthy household she falls passionately in love with her employer Mr Rochester, before discovering his terrible secret.

I've read the book many times over the years and I'm very familiar with the story, so I was very interested to see how it would be brought to life for the stage. This production by Blackeyed Theatre is currently touring internationally. The play features a cast of five actor musicians, with live music performed on stage throughout written especially for the production.

On the night that I saw the show one of the actors was unfortunately ill and unable to perform. Instead of cancelling the show, the company had found a replacement actor with only the afternoon to rehearse the show, and she did an amazing job!

Because of the small cast it is necessary for the majority of the actors to take on several roles. Most of the time the actors wore the same costumes throughout. With the clever use of accessories, and most of all incredible acting talent, the actors were entirely believable performing as a wide variety of characters. The show was cleverly staged, and although the set and scenery were simple it was easy to imagine the different settings. Jane's narrative asides to the audience made the timeline of the story easy to follow, her monologues were intense, and the story was gripping.

I really enjoyed the production and would definitely recommend it!

You can find details of the upcoming performances here - Blackeyed Theatre - Jane Eyre.

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