Monday 30 March 2020

My completed circular weaving kit

I'm attempting to complete one of my unfinished projects each month this year, and for the month of March I chose my circular weaving kit!

I had been putting this one off for ages as I'd made a couple of starting attempts that I wasn't happy with, but I knew that if I put my mind to it I could create something which I'd be pleased with.

And here it is!

Circular weaving craft kit completed

I'll start by that I found this really difficult! For a kit, the project was very open ended and the instructions made it sound easier than I actually found it. The problem that I had was creating warp threads to weave through over a circular ring. The threads kept slipping out of place and I couldn't get them as close together as I wanted due to the shape of the ring. Wrapping them also made a front and back for each warp thread which were difficult to work with and keep separate.

Circular weaving kit from The Threshing Barn

But after about three attempts I managed to get some warp threads in place that I was happy with. The top threads for the trees ended up being removed as they were making the horizon thread too tight and I was worried it would snap! I didn't really know the best way to weave in the different colours, but I think I made a pretty good attempt.

Circular weaving kit in progress

The kit that I used was put together by The Threshing Barn and my Mum bought it for me at a knitting and stitching show a couple of years ago. 

I loved that the kit came with such a huge variety of different types of yarn - different colours, thicknesses and textures. The fluffy yarns were really good for the leaves in the trees and the sea, and the thicker yarns were good for the places where my warp threads were quite far apart and I needed to fill in the gaps.

The bright blue fluffy yarn caught my eye and so I decided to change the design a little bit and use green for fields at the bottom with a patch of blue to be the sea in the distance. My horizon ended up being pulled down a little lower than I would have liked, so I tried to make the trees nice and fluffy to fill some of the empty space at the top.

I also added in lots of extra embroidery areas which was my favourite part of working on the kit. The white blobs are supposed to be sheep and then there are various bushy and plant bits which add some texture.

It would have been easy to give up on this but I feel an enormous sense of satisfaction from having persevered with it and I'm pretty pleased with the finished product!

Hoop weaving of landscape and sea

That makes three projects completed now and ticked off my list. I'm not sure yet what will be up next, but I think it might be a mini Christmas cross stitch kit that has been hanging around for far too long!

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