Friday 6 March 2020

My Paint by Numbers Kit - Fishing Village

At the beginning of the year I shared my crafting plans for the year ahead, and my intention to complete one unfinished craft project each month. Last month I finished my little heart cross stitch, and this month was the turn of my paint by numbers Fishing Village scene.

Paint by Numbers Fishing Village in progress

I bought this paint by numbers kit from Hobbycraft recently for a bargain £5 - you can see it here Fishing Village Paint by Numbers kit. There were several different kits in the range and I chose this one because I'm always drawn to things with a sea related theme, and I thought that it looked challenging but not too difficult.

The kit comes with 12 pots of paint, and then quite a lot of the colours need to be mixed to make the different shades. The first thing that I found when I started painting was that the colours included weren't very true to the colours on the box, they were a lot more vivid and the distinction between the different shades wasn't as subtle. Also some of the colours that I mixed up needed a bit of tweaking and repainting to make them match with the existing colours and not stand out too much.

Paint by Numbers Fishing Village completed

I'm pretty pleased with my finished painting through. I did run out of paint so I wasn't able to do a second coat of paint on the areas in the sky which do need it really. The smaller areas of colour and the darker parts look much better.

I really enjoyed the challenge of the painting, there were some very intricate areas which were fun to work on and I like the finished scene. Maybe it wasn't the best quality product, but for £5 I think you can't really go wrong and it was well worth it for the enjoyment that I had completing it! I'll definitely think about picking up another kit like this next time I'm looking for something crafty to keep me busy!

Paint by Numbers Fishing Village from Hobbycraft

My craft project for March is one that I've had on my list for far too long and I really want to complete. It's a circular weaving kit that I've been struggling with because I can't get the warp threads to do what I want them to around the circular frame. So I'm going to do the best I can and not worry too much if it doesn't look exactly like the picture. I'm sure that I can use my craft and sewing skills to produce something that I'm proud of and that will look nice on display.

Circular weaving craft kit in progress


  1. Oh wow! That really looks fantastic and what a bargain at £5. My teen loves painting by numbers. It's been a while since she's done one though. I'll have to have a look on Hobbycraft. x

    1. Thank you :) yes I think it's a total bargain, I will probably be going back for another one!


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