Monday 9 January 2023

My Christmas book haul

What would Christmas be without a big pile of new books to read! I was very lucky this year and I found a lovely pile of books under the tree, so I thought that I'd share them here. 

The first selection of books are all second hand books from Wob, my favourite place to buy pre-loved books. They came from my sister and my husband. Well, the books from my husband are actually books that I chose myself and ordered with a code that I was sent on Black Friday. It's much easier that way, he has no clue what books I like to read!

They are mostly books that I haven't read by my favourite authors. I picked out Beloved after a recent book I enjoyed called The Reading List by Sara Nisha Adams. It was a very sweet story about friendship and libraries, linked by a reading list of nine books, all of which were among my favourite reads apart from Beloved which I had never heard of! So based on the fact that I loved all the other books on the list I thought I probably can't go wrong with that one.

There are a few older Margaret Atwood's in there as well as some Lionel Shriver. I enjoyed Sophie's World as a teenager and fancied re-reading it, also I think that my children might like it. I'm also always looking for Booker Prize winning or shortlisted books as I usually seem to get on well with them, so that's why I chose The Sea. Wob even has a Booker Prize section to make them easier to find!

 I'm so looking forward to getting started on these.

Second hand book haul from Wob

I also received two shiny new books. I love Marie Kondo so was pleased to see that she had a new book out - Kurashi at Home. It's a large hardback with plenty of photographs and it's all about creating a home that sparks joy. Kurashi roughly means 'way of life' or 'the ideal way of spending our time' and there are some lovely tips about organising your home and your surroundings, and really making the most of the things that you choose to keep in your life.

Burning Questions is a series of essays by Margaret Atwood, a selection of material from mid-2004 to mid-2021. I've not started it properly yet although I've dipped into a few of the essays and have very much enjoyed what I've read so far!

Marie Kondo and Margaret Atwood new books
Did you get any books for Christmas? I'd love to hear about them!

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