Monday 16 January 2023

Things I enjoy at this time of year

I'll be honest and say that I don't much enjoy this time of year. It's cold and dark, and most of the time I just want to stay indoors hidden under a blanket. So in an effort to cheer myself up and think of the positives I thought I'd write about all the things that I really do enjoy at this time of the year!

* Sitting with my back against a radiator. When the heating is on that is where you will find me with a book or my Kindle. Best if the radiator is piping hot, but even if it's only slightly warm. I've always enjoyed having a radiator next to me, and when I was little my bed was next to a radiator which was lovely!

* Making and eating soup. I love my soup maker, it's so easy to use and I always enjoy the soup that I've made even when I've just made it up as I go along. It makes a lovely warming lunch with a couple of slices of bread.

* Feeling cold and putting on a pair of fluffy socks. It makes me feel warmer instantly!

* A mug of hot chocolate. I do drink hot chocolate all year around but it's especially comforting in winter, especially with a few marshmallows.

* A hot shower after a cold run outdoors. The run itself isn't the most pleasant thing but I always feel so good afterwards and a hot shower is the best reward.

* Family time together as we all flock to the warmest room in the house, usually the living room. Often we are all in separate rooms but in winter we are much more likely to congregate in one place together.

* Those glimpses of winter sunshine - the sun is appreciated so much more at this time of year than in the summer! The back of our house is south facing and the sun streams in through the windows of the kitchen which is lovely when I'm preparing food or tidying up.

* Heated seats in the car. Our current car is the first one that we've had with heated seats and I'd find it difficult to do without them now! It's so much nicer heading out for the school run in the car and knowing that I'll be toasty warm.

* Seeing both the sunrise and sunset in a day. We don't have any windows that face east or west, so I often don't notice the sunrise or sunset. In the winter they usually align with the school run so I get to see both and it's really lovely.

* Going for a walk in the frost and walking (carefully!) on frozen puddles.

What do you like about this time of year?

Frost on the front hedge

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  1. Ohh! I hate this time of year with it being dark, cold and wet but there are some great things about it too.
    I love that we spend so much more time together, even if it is just because the living room is the warmest room. Hot chocolate and hot baths are my favourite things though. x


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