Wednesday 17 May 2023

Having fun with some grown up sticker books

When we go on holiday to the US I always make sure that we have some time browse in the craft stores, and Mia is now my very willing retail buddy! Shopping in the US isn't as good as it used to be, the prices are higher and with online shopping it's easier to find a wide range here in the UK. But I always like to have a good look!

On our last visit I spotted some lovely sticker books and I was very tempted, but it was our last day and I already had a stack of things in the suitcase to bring home, so I couldn't really justify any more expensive purchases. I regretted it though, and so when we returned over Easter I was very keen to see if I could spot them again.

I remembered that I had seen them in Joann which is on the way to the airport, and once again it was the last day of our holiday. But I'd been a little more restrained on this trip, so I felt that there was some room in the holiday shopping budget. I couldn't find the books in the same place as last time so I'd given up until we discovered a whole range in the clearance section! Between us we treated ourselves to three books in the range, one each and one to share.

Sticker and Chill sticker books for adults

They are really lovely books, similar to the repositionable sticker books that I remember having when I was little with cartoon characters and so on. Each book has ten different scenes and a huge range of themed stickers. Because it's aimed at adults some of the stickers are very tiny and the scenes are really detailed. Mia and I have been having a lovely time making up our sticker scenes!

Sticker and Chill sticker books for adults

The brand name of these sticker books is Sticker and Chill. Unfortunately it doesn't look as though they are available in the UK, and as they were reduced to clear they may not be readily available for much longer. I've found a few similar sticker books on Amazon like this sweet Dolls House Sticker Book (affiliate link) although they are aimed more at children and the stickers aren't reusable. I've also seen a few Geometric Sticker Books (affiliate link) which look fun and quite satisfying to complete. I've added one to my wish list!

Sticker and Chill book completed scene

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  1. It must be so fun shopping in the US seeing new and different things. I love the look of these sticker books, what fun!


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