Friday 12 May 2023

How my routine changes when my husband is away

I enjoy a routine, and I like knowing what I'm doing when. But lately I've realised that my routine is very different depending on whether my husband is here or not. He works from home but regularly travels for work, and is usually away at least one night a week.

When my husband is working from home he generally does the school drop off in the morning, which is great because it's a bit of a drive through the traffic. I'll often go for a run first thing while he's out, but when I'm on drop off I'll stop at the gym on the way back for a swim or I'll take my run along the seafront.

I eat different food when he's away, firstly because I make myself quick and easy options and secondly because I eat things that he's not keen on. Lately I've been enjoying quesadillas which are just a large wrap filled with tinned taco beans and grated cheese, spinach if I have some, and heated. He's also not a fan of risotto so I've worked out the quantities that I need to make myself a single portion. And sometimes I'll treat myself to a Gü dessert or two!

It's much quieter when he's away, as when he's at home he spends a lot of time on the phone or on conference calls and I can hear every word even when he's in another room. I enjoy the peace and quiet but I find it also means I get sleepy, I find myself nodding off after lunch!

When he's here we'll often watch television together in the evenings, but when he's away I rarely turn it on. Mainly because our setup is so complicated that I need help from a child to use it! Instead I often get into bed myself once the kids are down, and I'll make myself a nest in bed with a hot water bottle and my book or journal. Sometimes I'll end up with a child joining me for a sleepover although that happens less often these days - luckily we have a big bed so there's plenty of space!

Woman reading in bed with blankets and tea
Photo credit Emily Rudolph via Unsplash

Weekends without him are rarer, but harder because it can be a long day to fill even now the children are older and can entertain themselves. I always feel that we should be doing something productive! A few times recently I've encouraged them to come and join me in what I call a 'creative hub' in the kitchen. We all sit round the table with a pack of biscuits and a hot chocolate while we work on our own projects. They do homework, Harry does coding and Mia draws or plays Roblox. I write in my journal or make notes for blog posts. I really enjoy it, being together but having our own space!

I do miss him when he's away, and some things are definitely more difficult. It can be hectic sometimes when things come up at school and they need picking up or collecting at different times, or there are things going on in the evenings. But I also like having a bit of variety, and a bit of space to myself!

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  1. It sounds like you have big changes when your husband is away. I love the sound of your creative hub on a weekend. How lovely! x


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