Wednesday 31 May 2023

Some Worthing street art and murals

I've been living in and close to Worthing for over twenty years now, and during that time it has definitely become a much cooler town. Lots of people have moved down from London over the years and it has also attracted a lot of people who can't afford to live in Brighton, meaning that it has become a bit more fashionable, more diverse, and just generally a more interesting and vibrant place to live.

I don't head into the town centre that often these days, but as the children's school is quite central I sometimes take myself for a walk after I've parked nearby and recently I've been noticed how much amazing street art there is on my route! I took the photos below on a short loop within half a mile or so of the school, and according to this article - Where to find the best Worthing street art - there is plenty more to find.

I've put this one first because it's the one that I see every day as I approach the road that I park in. It's a portrait of Simon Mayo and from the article above I can see that this and most of the street art that I've discovered are are by an artist called Horace, who can be found on Instagram @the.horace

Simon Mayo street art by Horace in Worthing

This is another that catches my eye, it's on the wall of a charity shop where I'm often dropping off donations and I love the sentiment 'Don't watch the news'!

Worthing Life is Beautiful mural by Horace

Next to it is this amazing cat mandala in gorgeous shades of blue.

Worthing cat mural mandala street art by Horace

I also love this portrait by the same artist on the wall of a pub.

Worthing mural face on building by Horace

Of course it wouldn't be Worthing without a seagull!

Worthing street art seagull on electrical box

Finally I think this this work on The Libertine Social is by a different artist, I love the bright cheerful flowers.

Street art flowers at The Libertine Social in Worthing

Reading the article above has inspired me to go hunting for more street art as it looks as though Worthing is quite a hotspot for it!

Cat mural mandala close up by Horace

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