Monday 8 May 2023

Watching the Coronation

There have been lots of Royal events over the last few years - weddings, jubilees and the funeral - and now that the children are older I'm able to indulge myself a bit more when it comes to watching them. I made it clear well in advance that on Saturday I would be spending the day in front of the television with my bunting up and a table of snacks!

I didn't fancy the idea of actually going up to London. I went up with my Mum a few days after the Queen died and I'm really glad that we did, it was lovely to be there with all the people and to see all the flowers. But it was so busy even when nothing was happening, and mobile phones weren't working, so it would be really difficult to actually see anything or even know what was going on, I'd rather watch it all on television and not miss a thing!

I loved seeing all the decorations that people had put outside their houses to celebrate in advance. Our village has a talented group of yarn bombers and they always go overboard with themed knitted and crocheted items for special occasions. As well as a post box topper there were crowns on bollards, coloured bunting, and large knitted figures in all the shop windows.

Coronation knitted post box topper in Angmering, West Sussex

Coronation yarn bombing, Angmering, West Sussex

On Saturday I settled myself down from about 8am with my printed timetable in front of me, a pot of tea, and a table of snacks. I watched all the coverage, and called in the family to see the important bits. It was such a spectacle, a historic occasion with all the splendour to match. I was fascinated, following along in the Order of Service to see what was going on, and I enjoyed every minute. 

Coronation on television with flags

On the Sunday we took a walk around a neighbouring village to see their street party on the village green, and then saw more people out in the roads on our way back. The local pubs were all busy and celebrating with live music, there was a really nice celebratory atmosphere all around!

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  1. I was saying to my fella we have had a good run of Royal events and chances are the Coronation will be the last one until King Charles passes away and William takes over or William & Kates children get married.
    We had yarn bombers here too decorating our little town, they did a great job.
    I watched it on TV and it was interesting to see part of history happening. x


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