Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Spring crafts from Baker Ross

It seems to have been a cold winter this year, and I'm sure that I'm not the only one longing for a bit of warmth! We've been cheering ourselves up with our latest box of crafting goodies from Baker Ross, all with a Spring theme.

We started with these Creative Colouring Flower Wreaths. Mia loves colouring and she's very neat, so these detailed designs kept her busy. She took a lot of care making sure that she had chosen bright colours and matched them to the intricate design.

Baker Ross spring wreaths to colour

Then we made some Happy Face Flower Suncatcher Decorations, plastic suncatchers with thick black lines that can be coloured using Brilliant Glass Paint Pens. The paint flows smoothly from the pens and leaves a lovely bold colour.

Baker Ross painting suncatchers

They look great hanging up in the window! There are eight in the pack, or you can also buy a larger pack of 32, and I think that they'd be a fantastic craft for a birthday party or similar, where the children could take home their finished craft.

Baker Ross flower suncatchers

Mia and I also had a lot of fun with these Peacock Crinkle Decoration Kits. They are very simple to make by folding up the tissue paper and sticking together, with lots of little bits and pieces to decorate them with. They are glittery and shiny, and make a really cheerful decoration.

Baker Ross crinkle peacocks

The Bug PomPom Decoration Kits are very sweet. There are three in the pack - a butterfly, a bee and a ladybird - and Mia was immediately drawn to the butterfly as it's bright pink. She needed a bit of help with making the pom pom, but once I'd made it she loved decorating him with all the self-adhesive stickers.

Baker Ross butterfly pom pom

This year, Mother's Day will be celebrated on March 26th 2017, and these Mother's Day Handprint Poem Decoration Kits make a lovely gift. The child makes the plant using a cut out of their handprint, which is a lovely keepsake, and it makes a lovely personalised decoration for the noticeboard or desk.

Baker Ross Mother's Day handprint flowers

Easter Sunday this year is on April 16th 2017, and we really enjoyed putting together this Easter Bunny Train Kit. I must admit that it was a little fiddly to assemble so I did that part and then let Mia loose with the plentiful selection of stickers to decorate it. The train also comes with a large bunny sticker to sit in the back.

Baker Ross making an Easter train

The train would make a lovely Easter decoration, and you could fill it with chocolate eggs or other small gifts, perhaps as a table centerpiece.

Baker Ross Easter train craft

You can find all these products and many more in the Baker Ross Spring Shop.

I received these craft kits to review as part of the Baker Ross Blogger Network.

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