Monday 29 August 2011

10 things to do with toddlers and garden canes

When we moved into our house we inherited loads of garden canes in the garage. We discovered lots of things that you can do with them, but do be careful with them and only use under supervision as they can be dangerous. Don't allow toddlers to wave them near others or run about with them. Here are some ideas:

Things to do with toddlers and garden canes

  • The classic - make a tent, either for your toddler or for their toys. Use elastic bands, string, clothes pegs and old sheets to secure, with stones around the bottom if you have any. Not for a windy day unless you are very solid in your construction!

Child in a tent made from garden canes

  • Stick some canes upright into the ground in a row and run in and out of them.

  • Stick some canes into the ground closer together and use for weaving string or ribbon.

  • Lay them out on the ground in a line or circle to make roads or train tracks, either for your toddler to run along himself or for cars or trains.

Child playing with sticks and trains
  • Make a goalpost for football or for target practice with the ball.

  • Make two parallel rows of sticks stuck into the ground, drape a cloth over the top and you have a tunnel to crawl through.

  • Mark out a square on the ground and throw beanbags or small stones into it.

Child playing with bean bag
  • Tie long ribbons or streamers to the end and run and dance about.

Child playing with streamers

  • Use a stick to push a light ball around a bit like a golf club (you can use some of the aforementioned structures as obstacles).

  • Poke the canes into things, like holes in the wall or fence, make holes in the ground, dig in the flowerbeds and just generally wave them about.

Any more ideas? Add them into the comments!


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  2. If you can make a cane into a golf club or have something similar, sink tins or jamjars into the borders and hit small balls into them. Put two together to make a track, tilt it and run marbles down it. Make a square on the lawn and run around to music and see who can get to the square when the music stops.


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