Thursday 4 August 2011

Messy play in the garden

I have just found an activity which kept Harry amused for over an hour! And if you know Harry, this is very impressive. I filled ice cube tray compartments with a selection of things - sand, hundred and thousands sweets, rice, lentils, flour, salt, sequins and tiny beads. Then I put some clear sticky backed plastic upside down onto a tray, gave Harry a spoon and let him go. The idea was to make a collage with everything sticking to the plastic, but I could have just given him the tray.

He carefully spooned everything out into little piles, he mixed it up, he asked for more flour and salt. We drew shapes with our fingers and drove his tractor around. When the whole tray was covered, I gave him a bowl of water to tip in for even more mess. He was fascinated by watching things float in the water.

Messy play tray in the garden
This activity was a big hit and will definitely be repeated! He is sitting on an old shower curtain which can just be dried off and shaken out, so it was very easy to clean up.

Child doing messy play in the garden

And yes, he is still in his pyjamas. No point in dressing him for the day if he is just going to get dirty again in five minutes!

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