Friday 26 August 2011

How to make a construction play mat

After the success of the racing car play mat I was inspired to think what other play mats I could make. I've got a few ideas, and the next one was a construction play mat.

All you need is a sheet of A3 card, or you could make it as large as you like! The different elements are cut from coloured construction paper and glued into place. Harry enjoys having the roadways to drive his vehicles down, and the different coloured areas can represent whatever he likes - sand, mud and so on. There's a little hut for the builders to rest in when they are not at work.

How to make a construction play mat for children

I laminated the finished play mat to make it more sturdy, and it folds in half for easy storage. I'd love to make a whole series of play mats that all connect together! It's quite open-ended, so Harry can use his imagination for the different areas. I hope he likes it!

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  1. My boys love making playmats, we often use a roll of Ikea paper and pop it on the table and draw a track together. Thank you for the comment over at my blog.