Wednesday 10 August 2011

Magic Painting book with water

I've been saving this Magic Painting book for a rainy day, or as it turned out, a potty training day. I remember these from when I was little and I was interested to see what Harry would make of it.

Magic painting book with water

It was a big hit! He applied his usual level of concentration to splashing on the water, and it kept him occupied for quite some time. He kept asking to do some more and he was really excited to show me the new pictures.

Magic painting book with water

I did wonder whether the technology might have moved on and the pictures would be a bit less sludgy than I remembered them. Well the colours were a bit messy but he didn't seem to mind, and they did look a lot better when they had dried out!

Magic painting book with water

It did make a bit of a mess of the table though. I must remember to be more diligent about covering up work surfaces!

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