Friday 19 August 2011

Toilet roll tube owls toddler craft

Like many people I do love owls and I've often featured them in my crafting. I was inspired to make these toilet roll tubes by some that I saw on Pinterest (link unfortunately no longer available), I love how simple they are to make and how you can really personalise them.

Cardboard tube toilet roll tube owl craft for children

This is an easy craft for little ones with a bit of help. Along with a few crafty bits you just need some toilet roll or other cardboard tubes, and if you have several different sizes then you can make a whole family of owls. Take the tube and bend the top over on each side to make ears, then tape down. If you use masking tape then you will easily be able to paint over the top.

Paint the owls, and when they are dry add a beak and wings cut from coloured paper, fabric or felt. You could also use felt pens to add extra details like feathers. To make the eyes I used white felt but big googly eyes look great too. Here is our owl family!

Toilet roll tube owl family

You might also like some of my other owl crafts - I made a framed felt owl picture which takes pride of place in our bathroom, and a small owl from Fimo that was a lot of fun to make. We also had a lot of fun using toilet roll tubes among other bits from the recycling bin to make some minibeasts and bugs from rubbish.

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