Saturday 3 March 2012

Crafting together

One evening sticks in my mind from my teenage years at home. I must have been about 13 or 14. I was well into musicals, and in the days before you could download music on demand I was super excited because I had finally been able to get a cassette out of the library that I had been waiting for. It was called "Hey, Mr Producer" and it was a collection of popular songs from the musicals of Cameron Mackintosh.

It was a weekend evening, and my whole family gathered in the living room, listening to the cassette and engrossed in our individual activities. I was working on some homework, which was sewing a cushion for Textiles. I can't remember what everyone else was doing, but I do remember how contented we all were.

There probably weren't many evenings like this, especially as we all got older and our social lives expanded. It was brought back to mind the other day because for the first time I sat down quietly with Harry and we did some painting together, but working on our own individual projects. I was painting a photo frame for something I had been working on, he was splashing blue paint around and painting lakes. I moved on to working on some sketches inside circles, using a cup to draw around, and he wanted to copy me, drawing his own circles and colouring them in.

It was so nice that he was able to busy himself while I got on with doing something for myself. Here's to the start of many more crafting sessions together!

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  1. What a lovely story! Funny how some things stick in the mind...


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